Russia, St. Petersburg

2nd Prize (2018)

Second Round performance video:

Third Round performance video:

  • Ensemble members: Stanislav Chigadaev, piano George Nefedov, balalaika Grigory Voskoboinik, double bass Peter Mikheev, drums
  • Biography: Good Evening jazz trio has collaborated with George Nefedov since 2016. Each performance of the group is unique, for its key point is improvisation. The professional musicians focus on famous themes from Pachelbel to Tchaikovsky, from Albinoni to the soundtrack to the Interstellar movie. In one music piece the performers combine radically different styles: baroque smoothly flows into pop and rock, Latina is combined with the classics of the XIX century, and tango is dissolved in avant-garde improvisations. The ensemble has performed in the Small Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia, the Mariinsky Theater, the White Hall of the Polytechnic University, the Music Hall Theater, took part in the Usadba Jazz Festival, gave concerts in Italy and Poland. In 2018, the Governor of St. Petersburg presented the group with a letter of appreciation "For outstanding achievements in the field of performing arts."
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