The Sixth TEREM CROSSOVER International Music Competition will be held on October 24-25, 2019, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Competition

TEREM CROSSOVER International Music Competition is held since 2010. It is a unique competition for ensembles that go beyond the traditional ‘pure’ genres, performers looking for new expressive possibilities, new combinations of styles and new sound.


The Competition founder is a legendary Terem Quartet — the world-renowned ensemble, which has given more than 3000 concerts in 65 countries and is recognized by contemporaries as one of the cultural symbols of St. Petersburg.

The Competition is supported by the Government of St. Petersburg.


The main criteria determining the winners are professionalism, artistry, quality of the arrangement, charisma and the musical crossover itself.


The concept of ‘crossover music’ comes from the idea of intersection of different styles and trends in music. This is the absence of restrictions on the combination of trends and styles to gain new meanings. Classical percussion, cello, accordion, piano and violin in TEREM CROSSOVER can coexist on stage with such instruments as oud, kemancha, cajon, balalaika, domra and gusli.

‘Crossover’ always plays with the facets of the roads, it is always a little ironic, with a double-triple sense of the play. This is a player who loves to juggle with meanings and contexts that already exist in the music world, he does it beautifully and brings in additional new, unexpected meanings and associations, says the leader of the Terem Quartet, Andrei Konstantinov. – The crossover musical style recycles the notion of elitism in music. Music cannot be without understanding and reciprocity, because if it is not listened to and do not respond to its sound, there simply is no music. ‘Crossover’ is a search for new ways to the listener’s heart, taking into account the demands of the modern world.

Geography and Prize Fund

Since 2010, 160 ensembles from 30 countries of Europe, Asia and America have taken part in the Competition. The winners are awarded cash prizes, diplomas, exclusive trophies and gifts. The prize fund of the Sixth TEREM CROSSOVER is 500 000 rubles.


The prizewinners obtain new career opportunities, as the competition jury comprises recognized music producers and managers of festivals from Russia, Europe and Asia, along with well-known performing musicians.

Conditions of participation

TEREM CROSSOVER-2019 welcomes Instrumental, vocal and mixed ensembles 3 to 8 members to apply for participation. The minimum age of the ensemble members is 18 years, the maximum age is not limited. The Qualifying round is held as a pre-screening video selections. The Second and Third rounds will be held on the stage of the famous St. Petersburg Capella concert hall.

Application deadline – 31 of July, 2019.

Detailed conditions can be found in the Competition Rules.