Re-Orient Group Trio

Re-Orient Group Trio
Страна Италия, Бельгия
Город Козенца, Брюссель
Сайт http://re-orient.wixsite.com/reorientproject/music
Дата прослушивания 22.10.2018


The Re-Orient Group Trio is a new ensemble (2017) constituted of three Italian musicians, Giusy Caruso (piano), Francesco Magarò and Andrei Tanzu (Percussions) with the passion for the fusion of different musical genres, cultures and timbre. Born from an idea of Giusy Caruso, pianist and artist researcher, the Re-Orient Group Trio performed already in Belgium and in Italy and they will be invited in the prestigious Festival Tamburi Mundi in Freiburg in 2019.
The Re-Orient Group Trio aims at stimulating the spectators through visual and audible interactions in a reorientation of significance, in which musicians and audiences all lose track of the North Star.